Summer Travel Tips for Seniors
Monday, July 7, 2014 at 6:01AM
Triphealthy in Being There

Summer travel requires specific health considerations that seniors need to keep in mind.

- Move around during long trips. Make sure that you are active at least every two hours.

- Hydrate! Carry a water bottle with you, or drink regularly on travel breaks

- Respect the sun and the heat…your body will tell you. Remember to use sunscreen with SPF from 15 to   50. There is no evidence that any products with a higher SPF provide more protection.

- Make sure that you carry extra medication in your carry-on luggage (well, of course, this is our tip for     any trip in any season.)

- Make sure that your lodging accommodations are suitable for you. Falling down stairs, for example, is not fun.

- Always carry identification and medical information as you travel. Should you encounter a sudden medical problem, you can obtain more rapid and appropriate care.

- Get plenty of sleep.

- Keep washing your hands…before meals and after toilet visits.

- Do not exert yourself. Appreciating a few sites is always better than rushing around to briefly seeing lots of sights.



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