Our Best Tips for Healthfully Using Toilets Abroad
Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 6:01AM
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Continued from July 14, 2014, Where is the Bathroom? 

-Travel with small coins in the local currency, in order to enter a facility, to find a hygienic site, or to tip an attendant. 

-Carry your own paper. A packet of tissues is a fine idea. Or collect paper napkins from fast food places. In some parts of the world, toilet paper is either very scarce or too coarse to be comfortable. 

-If you see a waste basket beside the toilet, place your used paper in it, because the plumbing may not be suitable for paper disposal. 

-Bring antiseptic wipes or a small bar of soap. Note: In some parts of the world, you may find a jug of water left beside the toilet. 

-In case of objectionable odor, put a wet wipe over your nose, or smear lip balm under your nostrils to mask the smell. 

-Try not to urinate in public areas...you could be breaking a law. 

-Be prepared to lose your modesty. 

-Treat your experience as a cultural lesson and a small adventure. 

One final tip: Dysentery is spread through contact with infected feces. You could be affected by the poor hygiene of food handlers, such as waiters and cooks. So, before you commit to a restaurant, first visit the bathroom and see if there is soap.

If not, then employees may not be washing their hands thoroughly...and you can make your own dining decision accordingly. 

Note: For descriptions and pictures of facilities around the world, AND how to ask “where is the toilet” in a variety of languages, see: www.wt.utari.net. 




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