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“Health Tips for Foreign Travel” is a website for everyone who travels abroad and wants to go, stay and return feeling good. Healthy people and those with asthma, diabetes, heart or lung disease, physical disabilities, and arthritis (etc.) take vacations, go on tours, visit relatives, and do business abroad. This is a site, created February 18, 2008, to open a dialogue about everyday health events that can, and do happen, to many of us while we travel abroad.

We know that our readers are educated and experienced; yet may not have learned or thought about the pitfalls of traveling abroad and facing even a minor medical or health problem. Our friends, despite their chronic illnesses, travel extensively. However, we are always astonished to learn how unprepared they are for serious or minor health incidences.

This blog will introduce a new entry twice each week, which will inform and stimulate discussion. Our last ten articles will appear on the opening screen. You can access the others, by looking on the right side panel under categories or by searching for the topic in which you are interested. On the right side bar, you will see the list of categories under which our entries appear:

  • Planning your trip abroad
  • Preparing to go
  • Medications
  • Medical and health records
  • Getting there
  • Enjoying your stay
  • Returning home healthy
  • Travel insurance
  • Guides to share your experiences
  • Personal health and medical records
  • Shared experiences

We hope that you will share your experiences and suggestions with us and our other readers for healthy travel (see on the right panel “contact me”). Please make comments...this blog is for YOU to share your experiences. Let’s discuss doctors, dentists, hospital staff, foods, strategies you use to stay healthy on your trips. We have provided guidelines for you to write about your health care experiences abroad and about the strategies that you use to stay healthy (under category- guides to share your experiences).

We, also, are proud to have established links with useful and informative travel, medical, and health sites. We encourage you to share your site that is useful for international vacations, family visits or business travels.

Disclaimer: We are not offering medical or health advice, only the best tips we can find in our research. We, as usual, suggest that you discuss your individual health situation with your physician, nurse, dentist, physical therapist, pharmacist, insurance provider, and any other of your health care providers, before planning your trip.

The Principal Authors:

Eleanor G. Feldbaum, R. N., Ph.D. Eleanor is a retired university professor and health consultant, who has conducted research and published on such topics as government health policy and health service delivery. She has been a consultant to the US Department of Health and Human Services looking at racial diversity in health professions and equity of Medicare benefit packages for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. She lived in Europe for four years where she taught and wrote comparative health system reports for the Financial Times (UK).

Morris J. Levitt, Ph. D. Morris is a retired university professor, who has conducted research and published on such topics as health professional education, government health policy and health service delivery. He also conducted research and prepared a report on international organizational design and decision making structures for the World Health Organization. He lived and traveled extensively in Europe. He also has been a frequent visitor in the Caribbean region, and North America.

Ronald Feldbaum, J.D. Ron has traveled, lived abroad, and taught graduate courses in Europe. He has researched and written about health systems in Europe and Asia for the Financial Times (London). He has extensively studied travel insurance and other health plans.


Miriam Mason is an advisor, writer and consultant to Triphealthy. She serves as our West Coast correspondent. She was a writer and editor for the Financial Times in London, where she wrote with Eleanor one of the top selling management books comparing healthcare systems in Europe to the U.S. in terms of cost versus quality.

Miriam’s expertise is in communications; she has 20-plus years experience in the healthcare industry. She is presently a communications consultant. Most recently, she served as Vice-President at Elan Pharmaceuticals, heading up product and pipeline communications for the Irish biotech company. Miriam was responsible for creating and executing innovative media and public relations programs that highlighted Elan's scientific leadership, research excellence, therapies/products and business strategy.

Other Health Practitioners and Experienced Travelers are cited in various entries that they have contributed to this website. They are identified, with a short biography describing their credentials, at the end of their entries.

We will be pleased to do so for any of you who write for and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Privacy/Confidentiality Policy: This site respects and protects confidential, private or semi-private information such as, e-mail addresses, e-mail content and e-mail exchanges.

We do not maintain a database on personal and medical information.

Disclosure of funding sources: This site is hosted free of charge and its funding is our personal contribution.

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